Arancia is a tool:

  • to design knowledge and ideas
  • for e-learning and discussion between teacher and students
  • to manage contents: it help to structure course in section, and files in trees
  • to address student task to content creation
  • to student credits assignment according contents and tasks complete.




simplicity has been the main guide during development of Arancia

  • It's really simple to use
  • it seems a simple website to read and browse
  • user need not to be expert or smart
  • more user experience will increase Arancia capabilities

Try it free for 2 months!

How to start?

  1. Create and user account
  2. Configure your project

and you get your own Arancia.

What about fee?

When try period will be end:

  • starting from 0,00 Euro/month if you choose the most liberal Creative Commons license.
  • starting from 19,90 Euro/month if you don't choose Creative Commons.

more about licenses and fee